Building owner’s shall ensure that after the commissioning process completion, all proper maintenance procedures are followed. It is recommended that after a few years a retro-commissioning activity be conducted to revisit the functionality of then “the existing systems” and perhaps apply new energy conservation measures that might be available at that time. the following is the typical Retro-commissioning process:

Determining Goals

The Commissioning Authority will conduct a meeting with the owner and maintenance team and prepare a list of objectives that need to be pursued. This includes discussing the current maintenance procedures , any ongoing system deficiency, Energy Conservation goals and upgrades and Indoor Air Quality issues and remedies. Document aforementioned scope and prepare Retro-Commissioning OPR.


Provide Retro-Commissioning OPR to the Design Team or a Design-Build Contractor. At this point a BOD might or might not be required depending on the level of the complexity of the OPR objectives.

Construction and Acceptance

The Construction and Acceptance phases are similar to Commissioning process outlined on our home page.





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